Smash Hit Mod apk Premium Download Andriod v1.4.3(Unlimited balls)

Smash hit mod apk is an android game in which the player enjoys smashing the boll. Mediocre AB has developed this Arcade game for android in 2004. As a player, you require a lot of things like focus, attention, and concentration. Because while playing everything which comes in the path, you have to smash that. While moving, you feel music and sound in the beautiful scenes. Everything comes in your way; you hit that thing like a pretty glass.

Smash hit mod is like a hyper-casual game. We all know that the hyper-casual match is like a classic game now a day. A hyper-casual game is a beautiful game that why addictive games. Smash hit mod apk is easy to play due to its simple nature. People instantly play this game as you can play this game for free without the internet.

Smash Hit mod apk Download


NameSmash Hit Mod APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Balls/Premium
Size78.6 MB
Developer Mediocre

Unique Gameplay:

Smash hit is one of the best and most popular games on the play store. It has impressive graphics and realistic gameplay with beautiful sound. These feature keeps you to come back and play the game for joy, as like the hyper game you need to hit all the obstacles coming in your path to get success.

Smash Hit Mod apk


The gameplay of smash hit is quite simple as with the use of metal balls, and the player breaks the beautiful glass obstacles. At the start, every player has only little balls. The Player needs to be very smart in selecting the balls in breaking the glass obstacles. As the game progress, the pace is also high, and you have a short time to react. This short time will give you the challenge to go further for more success.

As for its graphics, it has an impressive and stunning 3D graphics. Smash hit mod apk has no character, but everything decorated so perfectly. Besides, when you break a glass, you feel real. No one can argue that it is one of the best games which we have. Overall, you will have fun by downloading this game.

Features of Smash Hit mod apk:

Smash hit mod apk is a hyper-casual game which is the king of the gaming industry without a doubt. Here are some unique and astonishing features of the smash hit premium.

Realistic gameplay:

As I discussed earlier, this game will not make you realize that you are playing a game. Everything is sketched so perfectly even the balls in this game. Its graphics are also well-thought. As you progress, the screen will spin as we move towards more levels. Every level is different and challenging from others.

Smash Hit Mod apk

There are fewer chances of mistake remain, as you make progress with levels. The thing which makes smash hit ball beautiful is the realistic and astonishing gameplay.

Different rooms:

In the smash hit v1.4.3 Apk, you will cover round about 50 rooms with 11 graphics styles. However, everyone cannot encounter all these rooms as it gets challenging to cover three rooms. As I have mentioned earlier, the pace gets so high that obstacles become challenging to hit. You need to practice hard and come back strongly to hit all these glass obstacles.

Enchanting Sound and Music:

In this smash-hit 1.4.3 game, our experience becomes more immersive because of the audio and synchronized music of the game. When we smash the glass, it feels a real smash of glass. At every level, we experience different and new music.

Easy controls:

As we know, it’s a hyper-casual game, and its controls are easy. The player needs to tap the glass button where he wants to through the ball. When you are new, it takes a few practices of you. After a few exercises, you will get better with time.

Smash Hit Mod apk

3D graphics:

The interior of the game is full of 3D experience, and graphics constructed astonishingly. It provides a unique and beautiful experience.

How to Download Smash Hit mod apk:

  • Download smash hit apk crack  v1.4.3 apk file on
  • Open the downloaded version v1.4.3 of smash hit.
  • Run in your device and install the Smash hit 2 Apk file.
  • Play and enjoy it.


Q-1 How to get Smash hit premium for free?

Answer: First time, we need to get the subscription, and it is free for a lifetime. We need to update this with time.

Q-2 Which is the best version of the smash-hit game mod?

Answer: The best version of the smash hit premium/unlimited balls apk is v1.4.3. You can download by just one click on the above download button.

Q-3 What is Smash hit apk premium hack version?

Answer:  Hack version provides you everything, and it is also the best version of smash.


Smash hit is a classical android game. It has fantastic graphics which look realistic. It would be best if you encountered different levels to get the success in this game. You can download the premium of this game on our website above mentioned Download button. Download this beautiful game, and start enjoying the game.


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